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  • Poppy Poppy
  • Tuberose Tuberose
  • Orange Blossom Orange Blossom
  • Musk Musk
  • Patchouli Patchouli
  • Vetiver Vetiver



Eau de Toilette

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"L'Interdit" by Givenchy is a fragrance known for its elegant and timeless character. Givenchy is a renowned fashion and fragrance brand celebrated for its sophisticated and chic creations.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: The top notes of "L'Interdit" often include bright and fresh accords, like bergamot and pear, providing an initial burst of freshness and brightness.
  • Heart Notes: The heart of the fragrance typically features floral and white floral notes, such as tuberose and orange blossom, giving the fragrance its distinctive and elegant character.
  • Base Notes: The base notes may include elements like vetiver and patchouli, adding depth, warmth, and longevity to the fragrance while enhancing the overall composition.

"L'Interdit" is often described as a classic and sophisticated scent that captures the essence of timeless femininity. It is suitable for various occasions, including daytime wear and special events, making it a versatile and elegant fragrance choice.

Givenchy is known for its ability to create fragrances that embody sophistication and style. "L'Interdit" is an example of a fragrance that offers a classic and elegant olfactory experience.

If you're interested in trying or purchasing "L'Interdit" by Givenchy, I recommend visiting official Givenchy retailers or their website for more detailed information and to experience the fragrance in person to fully appreciate its timeless and elegant qualities.