Best Perfume Subscription Boxes of 2021

We as humans can discern at least 1 trillion distinct odors. Which ones do your love, and which ones have you yet to discover?

Subscription services are starting to cater to almost every aspect of your life. Of course, there are meal subscriptions. There are personalized beauty subscriptions but perfume?

A perfume subscription can do more for you than you may initially think.

Maybe you have been into perfume for a while, and you have tried one of these subscription boxes, but you were not satisfied with the product selection. You should look for a fragrance box that has scents from many different markets.

From designer fragrances, indie brands, and Niche markets, it can be hard to know what you are in the market for exactly. But, you do know you are connected to the sense of scent. You are waiting to find your soulmate scent.

It can improve your life and your beauty routine. Keep reading to learn how to discover more complexity in a larger scent market than you ever thought possible.

The Science Behind Scent

Scent bottles in front of white flowers

Scent and pheromones are hard-wired in humans from birth. These scenes allow us to interpret the world in a multi-sense experience. The scent is a valuable sense that can provide warnings of danger or attraction.

With our sense of smell, we can be aware of the danger and have the ability to sense things beyond sight or touch. Scent allows us to warn, even from a distance.

Humans naturally have a better sense of smell than monkeys and rats on a limited range of odors. Humans smell certain scents at lower concentrations than mice and pigs.

For at least a few scents, humans surpass the tenacious dog with our sense of smell. Aromas created by plants are a plausible evolutionary benefit passed down from early hunter-gatherer humans looking for fruit.

The molecules in fatty acids are scents synonymous with their meaty prey. As with most other meaty, aromas we are outperformed by dogs.

Scientists are still unsure how a person’s body odor will function as a scented fingerprint. It may be due to odorless substances produced by apocrine sweat glands in the armpits, which are odorized by skin bacteria.

Human odor and perfume are worn on the body have a distinct effect on our brain more than other scents. According to a study that used positron emission tomography (PET) to test brain activity, when we get a sniff, the brain regions responsible for emotional processing light up.

Every person has their distinct odor. Neuroscience compares this scent to a fingerprint. Body odor has a significant genetic dimension that can speak volumes about a person.

If a pair of twins are on different diets, even professional hunting dogs have trouble distinguishing from the two separate individuals. Because twins have a genetic biome similar to one another, they emit a practically identical scent.

Think of what specialized sent or one you are especially attracted to could do for your everyday life.

Perfume Is More Than Personal

The way human scent works for and against us is still a mystery to scientists and researchers. The take-away from this work is that perfume and fragrance are both powerful and personal.

If you want to invite change and a positive atmosphere into your life, welcome a period of change with a new scent.

Some could even argue that fragrance shapes our personality and the way others perceive us. Scent also has the power to change and shift over time. A specific smell can almost become too familiar to use to the point where it is practically undetectable.

If you have been wearing the same scent for quite some time, you have almost certainly noticed this to be true. Scent and its attachment to emotions are a rare trait of the human experience. Why not explore what new or unfamiliar scents can do for you?

While our noses will sometimes lead us down a dangerous path, they generally convey valuable information about other people. Be cautious; a hazardous individual was present and could even be lurking nearby.

Our senses tell us when to be careful; someone is ill and potentially infectious. Keep an eye on your newborn; he or she needs your attention. This guy may be a possible lover, so be flirtatious.

Even in modern times, being more accessible to our sense of smell has benefits. With the rise of the perfume subscription company, we have more access to a larger variety of scents than ever before.

Perfume is perhaps one of the most expensive cosmetic products that are available. This rarity and hefty price tag are determined by a perfume manufacturer’s sometimes rare or specialty ingredients.

Imagine if you could subscribe to a tailor-made service to present you with new scents and perfumes each month based on your preferences and desires in what you are personally looking for in a fragrance.

Enter the monthly perfume subscription. High-end perfumes and fragrance samples, shipped to you for you to try and sample and sniff. Try almost any scent you’ve ever wanted without committing to the full-size pricetag.

Perfume Subscriptions to Boost Your Mood

Scent can dictate not only our emotions but our positive body image. When you smell your best and feel uplifted by your bouquet, you can present your best self.

However, knowledge of our natural smelling ability is disturbed because there are no terms in the English language to describe a trillion smells. So much smelling occurs beneath our conscious awareness. Unlike our other senses, the olfactory neurons do not travel straight to the thalamus, the doorway to consciousness in the brain.

Instead, memory is transmitted from the nose to the cerebral regions of the brain, evoking thoughts and experiences without our knowledge. Smells can sway people without even realizing it.

Fragrance and Emotion

A substantial body of research indicates that feelings have a distinct odor.

Furthermore, those sensory emotions may be infectious. Let’s say you go out to visit a friend who has been enjoying herself by watching funny videos on her tablet. When you get closer to her, you catch a hint of her perfume and smile.

Your friend’s body odor, on the other hand, would have certainly made you feel uneasy if she had just seen a horror movie.

This could be seen as a leftover trait when "fight or flight" was a daily exercise. The scent would have proven to be a pretty simple way to tell if you are in danger or if another creature felt scared or nervous.

Inhaling someone’s body odor will reveal more about them than their emotional state. The opposite sex’s fitness and biological compatibility can also be gleaned, all to aid in selecting the ideal mate.

Do You Need a Monthly Perfume Subscription?

Scent bottles and subcription box

Each monthly perfume subscription has its unique way of doing things. With so many on the market, which one is right for you? Just like the scent itself, you may want to be picky about which subscription service you’d like to sign up for once you have made your decision.

First, you may want to explore the variety of high-end and designer fragrances they may offer. If you are interested in trying specific things, you may want to look at the inventory or choices for multiple different perfume boxes.

You have probably heard of Scentbird. It’s the pioneering brand for a monthly perfume subscription. If you are looking for a niche or high-end fragrance, you may want to seek another service.

While Scentbird’s monthly box does offer a wide variety, they may be lacking in the scent department you are interested in.

You’ll want to look into what exactly you will have available to you with any subscription you are choosing. You will also want to look at the price you will be paying each month with the service you are looking into. Keep in mind; you have options with any assistance you choose.

The Subscription That Meets Your Needs

Most subscriptions have monthly rates on both the high and low end of the spectrum.

Most perfume subscription boxes will be around the exact cost and value, but most importantly, you will want to make sure it meets your desires in the type of products you will have access to.

Think of the monthly perfume subscription box as about as personal as the new fragrances that you will not be able to stop wearing—once you find it. If you are looking for niche or "fringe fragrances," you will find your new favorite perfume in Royalty Scents.

What’s Included in a Perfume Subscription?

The primary purpose of a scent subscription is to allow customers to try and wear multiple scents before they spend a significant amount buying full-size perfumes and fragrances.

Aside from the amount of money it is possible to save with the beauty of meal subscriptions, it is also possible to try many new varieties. You can expect stellar customer service and fast, free shipping in the United States.

All of our fragrances at Royalty Scents are 100% authentic, sourced from authorized distributors or directly from manufacturers. We welcome subscribers from a variety of international destinations, including Canada, Australia, and European Countries. International shipping is $8.95–$11.95, based on the destination.

We ship your first box 3–5 days from the date you start your subscription and then around the same date each month. Along with your subscription, you may experience a sense of discovery and excitement when you rind your scent soulmate.

Scent plays an essential role in our lives and sensory experiences. Take some time to discover what different and new scents can do for your mood and confidence.

The Fastest Shipping You Will Find

We ship all the boxes from Chicago, IL, via USPS First Class. After you receive your tracking number, you can check with delivery progress at USPS.

We will remind you twice by email in advance of your monthly renewal date. If you still haven’t added scents for the upcoming monthly box by the noted cut-off date, we will select fragrances based on your previous selections and send you the number of scents matching your subscription plan.

Royalty scent operates under a basic model for its monthly subscription customers. To start receiving your scent box every month; take these few simple steps:

1. Subscribe to a Plan

Royalty Scents plans start at $19.95. It’s easy to sign up and cancel at any time. The price of a monthly subscription is a great value. The price for your monthly perfume box is just a fraction of what you would spend on a full-size fragrance.

You can cancel at any time by clicking Cancel Subscription when logged in to your account. You can also fill out the Contact us form. Your cancellation is effective after the date you cancel, and you will not be charged for any future months.

You may also Pause your subscription for up to 90 days. When ready to come back, it’s easy—log in to your account.

Begin by selecting which plan you would like to pay for every month.

Thoroughly enjoy the indulgence of your perfume selections worry-free. You can switch your plan or cancel your subscription at any time. You are not liable for a locked-in rate.

Our website has everything you need to manage your account, so it’s quick, easy, and designed to help you get the most out of your perfume boxes.

2. Create Your Scent Calendar

Browse our fantastic selection of perfumes and colognes. Add them to your monthly list, up to 12 months ahead.

Creating a scent calendar allows you to plan which samples you will receive ahead of time. This will enable customers to prepare for what they are getting very far in advance.

You can switch your scent according to season. You could surprise yourself with an extra unique sample for Valentine’s Day or your birthday. Plan and give yourself a surprise gift months down the road.

Think of this as the most extraordinary form of self-care. Now you can boost your mood during the gloomy winter months and not even have to remember you make selections for a subscription.

3. Enjoy Every Month

We ship your selections to your door in a sprayer that easily lasts 120–140 spray.

A large enough amount of product for you to give the scent a real-life testing period to decide if the perfume is right for you. You will gain confidence in what you are about to purchase will be a scent you cherish and can’t wait to wear.

Designer and Niche Fragrances

Scent bottles with makeup

Experts have divided perfume into two general groups since the dawn of the industry: designer and specialty. Designer fragrances are generally marketed and distributed by fashion designer brands, while specialty (or niche) fragrances are manufactured and sold by companies specializing in perfume.

It is a common misconception that specialty perfumes are produced by perfumers-artists, whereas a lower caste of fragrance producers creates designer fragrances. In reality, the world’s most renowned master perfumers make scents for both niche and high-end brands.

In the past, there was a distinct distinction between designer and specialty fragrances. However, as designer brands release exclusive or limited edition collections and boutique firms begin to resemble established brands, the boundary between the two has become increasingly blurred.

Aside from many different perfumes on the market, some market sections could be classified as "discount." Usually, these products appear in drug stores and similar retail spaces. At the same time, fragrances in this category have a lower price tag. At what cost?

The Nature of Synthetics

Cheaply made perfume or fragrance can cause an allergic reaction. The lower the price tag, the more cheaply made the scent is likely to be. This is because of the nature of the synthetic chemicals used in this "affordable" version of your sought-after designer brand.

The majority of allergic reactions result in an itchy red rash that fades soon after being exposed to the scent. And after a brief exposure, some slight effects will persist for a few weeks.

A perfume allergy can cause a variety of mild symptoms, including:

  • Itching even though no rash or inflammation is visible
  • Itching around your eyes and in your throat
  • Scaly or dried blisters that get crusty and ooze
  • Hives
  • Patchy or red skin
  • Sores that are more susceptible to sunlight than normal

Often, drugstore fragrances are an extension of an actual beauty product, such as a lotion, aftershave, or shaving cream. I’ve never met someone who purchases a drugstore scent solely because it feels good. In reality, I have yet to encounter someone who buys Aqua Velva.

Designer scent graveyards are also known as drugstores. When a perfume emerges in the sale department of the nearest store next to the discontinued items, you know it’s on its way out.

A Designer Fragrance Is Top Notch

Designer fragrances have a much heavier price tag because of the quality and cost of the ingredients in their perfumes. More expensive scents are blended with natural ingredients and are often hypoallergenic or have a tested formula with low reactivity.

The majority of synthetic additives are used in mainstream designer fragrances, which must be closely monitored. One cannot confidently assume that none of them use naturals, but it is a reasonable bet that the vast majority do not.

The mainstream designer fragrances have a vast distribution network, which the perfume firm usually handles contracted to create and sell the scent.

The good news, this means your fragrance has undergone a large amount of user testing and has a high-profile name attached to it. Their success in the perfume industry dictates meaning, the preservation of the brand’s reputation.

A Designer Dilemma

The problem with conventional designer fragrances is that their enormous success makes them less exclusive. Wearing a Chanel or Tom Ford perfume is not unique. As a result, a particular portion of the market would avoid these fragrances in favor of smaller products with a perceived exclusivity.

Many designer labels began launching private or exclusive collections in reaction to this development. They’re typically made from higher-quality materials and are more unique and imaginative.

Their availability is restricted to high-end stores or a small number of the brand’s boutiques.

Unique line fragrances are often comparable to many specialty perfumes in ingredient content and many are as innovative as any niche scent. They are more expensive, sometimes double or triple the cost of popular designer fragrances.

Niche May Be Your Fragrance

You may be unaware of the many different smaller perfume markets on the fringe of the larger designer fragrance. These smaller companies operate by making smaller batches and have an artisanal flare.

Within these smaller markets are both niche perfume market and smaller indie brands, which practically run as small businesses. Think of these indie brands as start-ups in the perfume game.

Indie brands try the same risk-taking entrepreneurial approaches as start-up tech companies. Smaller brands can afford to take larger risks because they have less at stake in general.

These risks can lead to some pretty cutting-edge and rule-breaking behavior. Taking risks is how major innovation happens in any smaller company. In short, indie brands are more likely to produce a scent that will blow you away.

Niche Fragrances: Then and Now

Niche perfumeries, by definition, concentrate solely on the development of fragrances. Many of today’s famous designer houses predate their creation.

Many famous niche perfume lines now function and behave very much like designer perfume brands. Purist niche lines cling to the notion of perfume as an artistic expression the most.

They specialize in the development of fragrances and treat the process with a far more creative approach. The aim is to produce a one-of-a-kind scent that reflects a specific thought, feeling, or place. Commercial prosperity comes second, but it doesn’t mean the companies aren’t successful.

Prices are usually higher due to limited availability and high-quality ingredients. Niche perfumes are reasonably priced, ranging from $150 to several thousand dollars. Any specialty brands often claim to use nearly entirely natural ingredients. It’s impossible to know for sure if this is real, but odds are there are more synthetics in a fragrance than the marketing materials say.

Indie Fragrances Are a Specialized Niche

Indie fragrance houses, which can be classified as indie lines in general. They are usually fragrance lovers (with or without formal training) who create perfumes as hobbies or side businesses.

The term "indie" refers to specialty labels that are smaller and privately run. An indie brand uses an external perfumer or fragrance house to develop and produce its blends, with artistic direction from the perfume brand.

Think about it this way. An indie fragrance is not generally associated with designer brands. They are a separate entity and operate in a general small business model.

These are small companies and not industry giants associated with major fashion brands. Having access to indie brands means having access to a comprehensive and unique collection of scents at your fingertips.

Finding Your Signature Scent

When it comes to picking a signature perfume, everybody needs one that is special to them. Designer houses are perfect for fragrances that cater to a broad audience and receive positive feedback.

However, catching a whiff of someone on the street and realizing that he or she is wearing the same scent as you isn’t ideal. Worse, imagine going out to dinner with your date and being reminded about his or her ex.

This is where boutique perfumeries come into play. More and more consumers seek new scents that appeal to them, rather than simply crowd-pleasing fragrances, which has resulted in a massive increase in visibility and demand for specialty perfumes in recent years. All need to stand out in every way.

There are specialty fragrance labels that you may not have heard of but should check out. Their creative and one-of-a-kind perfume creations can leave a lasting impression in the air for you and others to appreciate.

The Best Type of Perfume for You

Perfume subscription reviews and reviews on the scents themselves are popular videos on sites like YouTube. We have all fallen down the beauty review rabbit hole. Sure it can be fun indulging your desire to use expensive and rare cosmetics.

It is dreamy to imagine rolling in a sea of La Mere. To be able to use the Dyson Air Wrap and not feel bad for one moment. You strive to find that silky pillowcase of your dreams.

Alas, just like the rest of us, you probably let your imagination run wild daydreaming of everything you could use, but you are an average person who has to live within a budget.

Fragrance as a Staple in a Beauty Routine

The importance of fragrance in a grooming regimen cannot be overstated. We have deodorant like that. It isn’t just perfume to not smell horrible. On the other hand, fragrances are often a representation of our identities and, in essence, an extension of ourselves.

We adapt our fragrances to the various points of our lives and even different moods we have at that moment, whether it’s a light and feminine rose or rich and seductive vanilla.

With such a large and shifting market and with the importance of scent in your beauty routine, it can be hard to keep up with so many new fragrances from many different markets debuting at the same time.

A fragrance subscription can keep you up to date as you keep on the hunt for shifting fragrances to match your cutting-edge cosmetic favorites. Trying new scents frequently can indulge your scenes in a new sensation. This can be invigorating to your world perceptions and may even feel exciting.

Scent and Memory

Frequently, we would use an unmistakable signature perfume. It is etched into your identity in every way. When your friends and family smell the fragrance, they will immediately think about you.

Other people could even associate your scent with the memory of you.

The sense of smell is perhaps more closely related to memory than any other sense. Many with complete sensory function can recall scents that evoke specific memories, such as the fragrance of a blossoming orchard conjuring up memories of a childhood picnic.

The fragrance can affect our mood, thoughts, feelings, and sensuality, and it can take the wearer to a particular place and time.

Our memories are stored in the same region of our brain that processes smell. When we smell something that triggers a flashback, whether it’s a skin cream our mother used, the scent of lavender in a childhood home, or the salty tang of the wine-dark Mediterranean on your first continental summer getaway, the memory is reactivated.

Your brain’s scent core not only connects to its memory center but also retains long-term memories of its own. Take a deep breath and inhale deeply from the old bottle of perfume or the paperbacks in the used bookstore.

The images that stream back to you are a pleasant side effect of the brain’s wiring.

Activate Your Imagination With a Scent Subscription

Beyond doing good for your self-care routine and your psyche, a perfume subscription regularly can help to keep things interesting. Studies show that scent has many connections in the brain associated with memories and different emotional states.

Not only scent important to the human experience, but they are important to any modern beauty routine. Using a scent subscription service is a convenient, unique, and affordable way to experience scents you may not have known about otherwise.

For those who like to keep our scent collection interesting, RoyaltyScents is the box for our lifestyle. Visit our site to learn about our subscription service, and while you are there, browse our 500+ designer brands. See what kind of new scent experience you can dream up.