How it works

  1. Subscribe to a plan

    Royalty Scents plans start at $19.95. It’s easy to sign up and to cancel at any time.

  2. Create your scent calendar

    Browse our amazing selection of perfumes and colognes. Add them to your monthly list, up to 12 months ahead.

  3. Enjoy every month

    We ship your selections to your door in a sprayer that easily lasts 120–140 sprays.


Elegance in a bottle

Picture of box, spray bottle, and aluminum case
  • Twist-to-open design
  • Glass spray bottle
  • High quality aluminum case​
  • ​0.27 Fl.Oz. / 8 ml
  • Holds 120-140 sprays
  • 4–5 sprays a day for a month


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