A short story about a ridiculous good offer.

The discovery

My wife came home after a whole day shopping spree with her girlfriends and started retelling every detail of the day.

While I expected to hear all the girly things they did, she actually started an interesting discussion on how all the nice perfumes they wanted were expensive and they were only sold in bigger quantities. She went on with her frustration on how to justify this expense as most girls want more than one scent. She wanted a scent for the office and a scent for date nights.

Her biggest frustration was on how to travel with those perfumes if you fly for work every week and don’t want to check in luggage.

An idea

We both agreed that there is a need for high end perfumes in small enough size to travel with but big enough for at least a month at an affordable price.

No one wants to spend $400 just to smell the same way for the next 365 days…

That’s when we had the idea to leverage our skills and connections to transform how the perfume industry works.

A success

How? By creating a family-owned subscription service that delivers small doses of premium fragrances every month.

We pitched the concept to a few friends and voilà—everyone loved it and was excited to subscribe to the service.

That’s when we decided to commit and turn this into reality.

We faced multiple challenges along the way. It took us months of planning and negotiations, but we made it happen and now we’re able to provide our clients with amazing fragrances on a monthly basis for only $19.95 per month.

It’s a ridiculously good offer.