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  • Leather Leather
  • Incense Incense
  • Cloves Cloves
  • Agarwood Oud Agarwood Oud
  • Bergamot Bergamot
  • Orange Orange
  • Orange Blossom Orange Blossom
  • Violet Violet
  • Patchouli Patchouli
  • Rose Rose
  • Woody Notes Woody Notes
  • Amber Amber
  • Vanilla Vanilla
  • Vetiver Vetiver
  • White Musk White Musk



Eau de Parfum

(39 ratings)

The woody floral and musky fragrance of Deep Forest is an intense scent for women and men.

At the top of this 2019 scent are notes from Oud, Clove, Orange, Bergamot, Leather and Incense.

The heart of this Mancera fragrance features notes from Violet, Rose, Patchouli and Orange Blossom.

The base is a composition of captivating notes from Vanilla, Amber, Vetiver, Woody notes and White Musk.