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  • Litchi Litchi
  • Red Currant Red Currant
  • Rose Rose
  • Vanilla Vanilla
  • Vetiver Vetiver

Carolina Herrera


Eau de Parfum

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Very Good Girl Perfume by Carolina Herrera, Very Good Girl is a bold fragrance that hit the market in 2021.
Developed by Louise Turner and Quentin Bisch, this enchanting perfume features strong floral and fruity accords with an earthy undertone.
An herbal note of litchi opens the fragrance.
This top note intertwines with bright red currant to liven up the aroma before giving way to a heart note of heady, sophisticated rose.
A foundational note of smoky vetiver anchors the fragrance in an earthy undertone while creamy, gourmand vanilla keeps the earthiness from overtaking the fragrance.