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  • Magnolia Magnolia
  • Neroli Neroli
  • Citruses Citruses
  • Amalfi Lemon Amalfi Lemon
  • Bergamot Bergamot
  • Ylang-Ylang Ylang-Ylang

Christian Dior

J'ADORE L'eau Cologne Florale

Eau de Cologne

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Brighten your outlook on the day when you wear J'adore L'Eau, a cologne floral spray for women that uses zesty notes of bergamot, neroli and amalfi lemon to create a fresh, vigorous fragrance that invigorates your mood.

Introduced by Dior in 2009, this fragrance balances its tarter notes with magnolia and ylang-ylang, giving you a gentle, sweet finish.

Spritz on J'adore L'Eau when you want to feel vibrant, cheerful and ready to face a day full of adventure.