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  • Salt Salt
  • Pomelo Pomelo
  • Bitter Orange Bitter Orange
  • Immortelle Immortelle
  • Freesia Freesia
  • Praline Praline
  • Sweet Notes Sweet Notes
  • Vetiver Vetiver
  • Musk Musk

Christian Siriano


Eau de Parfum

(45 ratings)

The fragrance is introduced by savory top notes, including the exotic Red Salt. The rich red hue of the salt elevates this intriguing gourmand to a level of  untouchable sophistication, and establishes the immediate addiction that the fragrance continues to invoke as it unfolds.

The heart of the fragrance is characterized by the enchanting and beautiful Immortelle Flower. This everlasting flower adds longevity and allure to the fragrance in the form of a fascinating and desirable caramelized floral note.

A layer of delectably sweet gourmand notes emerges as the fragrance evolves. Nutty Praline gives the fragrance a soft and creamy element that delicately lingers on the skin, and continues to emphasize the delicious addictive nature of the top notes.