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  • Green Leaves Green Leaves
  • Nettle Nettle
  • Mint Mint
  • Orange Orange
  • Lavender Lavender
  • Jasmine Jasmine
  • Clove Clove
  • Cinnamon Cinnamon
  • Rosemary Rosemary
  • Vetiver Vetiver
  • Musk Musk
  • Sandalwood Sandalwood
  • Nutmeg Nutmeg
  • Cedar Cedar

Tiziana Terenzi

XIX March

Extrait de Parfum

(49 ratings)

Tiziana Terenzi Xix March has been released in 2012.

Tiziana Terenzi Xix March is a unisex woody aromatic fragrance with aromatic, green, fresh spicy, woody, and warm spicy main accords.

It leads with top notes of green leaves, mint, nettle, and orange.

The middle notes of lavender, cinnamon, jasmine, and clove follow, with base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, musk, nutmeg, and rosemary finalizing this work.