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  • Rose Rose
  • Cumin Cumin
  • Vetiver Vetiver
  • Cedar Cedar
  • Musk Musk
  • Guaiac Wood Guaiac Wood
  • Agarwood Oud Agarwood Oud
  • Olibanum Olibanum
  • Labdanum Labdanum


Rose 31

Eau de Parfum

(12 ratings)

The perfume’s aim is clear: to transform the famous Grasse Rose, a symbol of voluptuousness and unqualified femininity, into an assertively virile fragrance that can be worn by men and women…

The result is a model of its kind: alternating feminine/masculine with the disturbing ambiguity of the Centifolia rose, quickly picked up by a chorus of warm, spicy and woodsy notes such as cumin, olbanum, cedar and a touch of amber…In the background, the declared sensuality of Gaïac wood and cistus highlighted by a distinctly physical animal note, give this perfume a disconcerting sense of mystery.