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Christian Dior


Eau de Parfum

(48 ratings)

Dioramour sounds like a declaration of love in one word. The fragrance's charm can be read between the lines of a name that carries such symbolism for Dior.

As intoxicating and deep as a passionate lover, Dioramour also reveals a softer and more romantic side of its personality. An olfactory romance with keen emotions.

Dioramour is a comforting fragrance, like a morning ray of sunshine that gently wakes you.

A pale pink gradient akin to the blush spreading across your cheeks at the thought of seeing the one you love.

Dioramour is the olfactory image of the most refined and elegant interpretation of sensuality. Dioramour leaves a delicate trail of Iris and Jasmine behind, much like a stolen kiss.

Dioramour is a fragrance with lasting intensity. The fragrance has olfactory notes akin to sensitive emotions, that alternate between the tenderness of an Iris note and the passionate notes of Jasmine.