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  • Raspberry Raspberry
  • Saffron Saffron
  • Black Pepper Black Pepper
  • Olibanum Olibanum
  • Bulgarian Rose Bulgarian Rose
  • Rose Rose
  • Pink Pepper Pink Pepper
  • Guaiac Wood Guaiac Wood
  • Cedar Cedar
  • Tonka Bean Tonka Bean



Extrait de Parfum

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Celestial is an amber woody floral with a heart of frankincense and exotic roses.

Complex, light and very wearable. The spices and frankincense lend a light amber tone to the aromatic woody base and the triumvirate of roses featuring Bulgarian rose, Indian rose absolut and Turkish rose.

The olibanum at the heart of this scent is a light, lemony incense with a conifer undertone.

It settles into a light warm woody base with colour and complexity. Luminous, like the heavenly bodies that inspired it.