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  • Sweet Orange Sweet Orange
  • Lavender Lavender
  • Italian Iris Italian Iris
  • Amber Amber
  • Exotic Woods Exotic Woods
  • Agarwood Oud Agarwood Oud
  • Island Musk Island Musk
  • Indonesian Patchouli Leaf Indonesian Patchouli Leaf

Goldfield & Banks

Wood Infusion


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A luxe ambery scent surrounded by an elixir of rich woods, buttery roots and aromatic notes.

Inspired by the lush nature of the balmy heritage listed Fraser Island in the Pacific Ocean, Wood Infusion is a celebration of all wood species found around the island. This fragrance is an exotic infusion of Australian woods enriched with Sandalwood Album, Iris and velvety Agarwood (Oud Wood).

This unique combination offers men and women a sensation of a creamy and rich scent crafted from nature’s most noble botanicals.