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Eau de Parfum

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Introducing the mystical and captivating fragrance, Oud Al Saqr Antar by My Perfumes. This alluring scent transports you to the heart of a moonlit Arabian desert, evoking an aura of elegance and enigma. With its harmonious blend of luxurious notes, Oud Al Saqr Antar transcends time and space, inviting you on a journey of sensory discovery.

As you first encounter Oud Al Saqr Antar, you are greeted by a rich and opulent opening, reminiscent of the treasures of the Orient. The heart of this enchanting fragrance pulsates with a symphony of exotic and seductive notes that arouse the senses and captivate the soul. As the story unfolds, the warm, sensual base notes of Oud Al Saqr Antar linger, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and charm.