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  • Bergamot Bergamot
  • Cardamom Cardamom
  • Black Pepper Black Pepper
  • Juniper Berries Juniper Berries
  • Nutmeg Nutmeg
  • Thyme Thyme
  • Peony Peony
  • Gin Gin
  • Tonka Bean Tonka Bean
  • Musk Musk



Eau de Parfum

(2 ratings)

Summer Bottled is an evocative herbal fragrance inspired by L’Humaniste by Frapin. This great casual scent is a cocktail of citrus and spice with the Gin/Juniper aspect, with a great addition Tonka Bean. Very much dominated by the opening notes of Bergamot, Cardamon and Black Pepper. Masterfully balanced Juniper Berries with the soft and delicate peony, lurking underneath the vibrancy, adding an undeniably tender and mellow character to this multi-season masculine concoction. One of those fresh fragrances with interesting depth, that manage to do two things equally well - smell so good and unique at the same time.