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  • Cassis Cassis
  • Green Leaves Green Leaves
  • Pansy Pansy
  • Bergamot Bergamot
  • Black Currant Black Currant
  • Lilac Lilac
  • Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley
  • Bulgarian Rose Bulgarian Rose
  • Metallic Notes Metallic Notes
  • Cacao Cacao
  • Musk Musk
  • Patchouli Patchouli
  • Amber Amber

V Canto


Extrait de Parfum

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From the Latin Ensis meaning ‘sword’, it is also the emblem of the family name of Terenzi, a little signature anecdote that Paolo and Tiziana wanted to celebrate in the V Canto collection. Ter Ensis because the family is proud of its very ancient and noble origins. From their standard lineage three long swords stand out, he three then composing the surname. The sword designed by the fate to unite the two Lovers for ever in their endless embrace. The fragrance draws his thin but intense wake as the dove flight and the downward blow crossing the air. Silent and powerful as the notes of this extract, emphasized by the citrus and cassis, supported by the red fruits and ambers. The scent of destiny, it encloses within itself the inspired by the inevitable nature of things. In this creation, all the senses are involved in flying enticingly to the sweet nest within ourselves.