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Full Incense

Eau de Parfum

(42 ratings)

"Full Incense" by Montale is a fragrance known for its rich and evocative incense-based scent. Montale is recognized for its high-quality ingredients and long-lasting fragrances, and "Full Incense" is no exception.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: The top notes of "Full Incense" may include citrusy and aromatic accords, providing a fresh and zesty opening that contrasts with the depth of incense.

  • Heart Notes: The heart of the fragrance typically features a dominant incense note, which is smoky, resinous, and often described as meditative. This is the core of the scent, giving it its distinctive character.

  • Base Notes: The base notes may include woody or balsamic elements that enhance the longevity and complexity of the fragrance.

"Full Incense" is celebrated for its intense and spiritual aura, making it a unique and captivating choice for those who appreciate incense-based scents. It can be worn on various occasions, especially when you want to make a statement or create a contemplative atmosphere.