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Les Exceptions Oriental Express

Eau de Parfum

(49 ratings)

"Les Exceptions Oriental Express" by Mugler is a fragrance known for its rich and oriental character. Mugler is a well-known brand for its unique and innovative scents, and "Oriental Express" is part of their Les Exceptions collection, which features fragrances that push the boundaries of traditional perfumery.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: The top notes of "Les Exceptions Oriental Express" may include spicy and aromatic accords, providing an initial sense of depth and intrigue.
  • Heart Notes: The heart of the fragrance often revolves around oriental notes like vanilla and amber, contributing to its warm and sensual character.
  • Base Notes: The base notes may include elements like benzoin and myrrh, which enhance the fragrance's oriental and resinous qualities.

"Les Exceptions Oriental Express" is often described as a luxurious and sophisticated scent suitable for evening wear and special occasions. It embraces the opulence and mystery of oriental perfumery, making it a captivating choice for those who appreciate complex and alluring fragrances.

Mugler is known for its avant-garde approach to fragrances, and the Les Exceptions collection is a showcase of their ability to create scents that defy convention and leave a lasting impression.

If you're interested in trying or purchasing "Les Exceptions Oriental Express" by Mugler, I recommend visiting official Mugler retailers or their website for more detailed information and to experience the fragrance in person to fully appreciate its rich and oriental qualities.