Maison Margiela (untitled) L'Eau

Maison Margiela (untitled) L'Eau

Luminous, (untitled) L'eau is an Eau de Toilette inspired by (untitled) Eau de Parfum, with a new olfactive approach.

Made of a fresh and citrusy blend, mandarin and lemon accords are mixed with crushed leaves, curly leafed mint and oil of bushu.

A green sensuality, defying conventions.


Top notes: Mandarin Essence, Lemon Essence, Galbanum Essence, Bucchu Essence, Spearmint Essence  
Middle notes: Orange Flower Absolute, Galbanum Resinoide, Lentiscus Essence
Base notes: Incense, Patchouli Essence, Serenolide (White Musk)

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