Alexandre J Western Leather

Alexandre J Western Leather

Western Leather Black by Alexandre J Cologne. Embrace your cool and confident side when you're sporting Western Leather Black, a robust men's fragrance. This refreshing cologne blends aromatic, citrus and spicy accords for an abundantly masculine and rejuvenating scent that's powerful enough to intoxicate the senses of anyone nearby.


Top notes of zesty orange, tart lemon and sparkling bergamot introduce the aroma with vivacious energy and flair, while heart notes of herbal rosemary, headypatchouli, vetiver and cardamom increase the potency before being soothed by the influence of calming lavender.


Finally, notes of golden amber and vanilla essence wind down the fragrance with a creamy base, forming a well-balanced cologne that's sure to leave you feeling rugged yet refreshed for any time of day or night.

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